Here at Steel Dragon Performance LLC we specialize in velocity stacks, air boxes, and accessories for vintage and modern motorcycles, as well as for boats, snowmobiles, ATVs, and vehicles. We offer both standard and custom designs. All of our products are machined with pride right here in Deer River, Minnesota, USA. If you don't see what you're looking for on our product pages, drop us a line--we'll see if we can make it for you.


Honda CB750 Nighthawk Dual Air Boxes (years 1991-2003) now available! See our Air Box page for pictures, pricing, and details.


New design for CB500F/CB550F Air Boxes! Modified clutch cable brackets are no longer necessary; our Single Long Air Boxes will now fit both CB500F and CB550F models with no modifications required. See our Air Boxes page for pictures of the redesigned box.

Newly available: Honda CBX 1000 velocity stacks! Check out our velocity stacks page for pictures and pricing.

Coming soon: Honda Nighthawk 750 Air Boxes! (We also currently offer Nighthawk 750 velocity stacks.)


COMING SOON! CB350F/400F, CB500/550, and CB750 Front Motor Mount Kits, Finned Stator Covers, Finned Points Covers, and Finned Clutch Covers.

New Air Boxes out now! Single or dual, all-aluminum with built-in velocity stacks, o-ring seals, and UNI foam filter.

Brass Velocity Stacks  available!  Don't be shy to ask about a custom order. Just let us know which bike you have and we'll hook you up.

Custom Universal Brake/Tail Light System available now!


 Mike and Cody at Steel Dragon Performance

Contact us at steeldragonperformance@hotmail.com

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Steel Dragon Performance LLC

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